Riina Kaljurand

Riina Kaljurand is the Deputy Director of the International Centre for Defence Studies and co-ordinates a co-operative project with the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI). The project „Security Sector Reform, a Nordic-Baltic Agenda” seeks to map Nordic-Baltic outreach activities in the security sector in former Soviet Republics and Balkan states. The aims are to study the principles and logic behind these outreach activities, to define Nordic-Baltic competencies and to identify where activities overlap. The project will also propose areas of possible SSR co-operation between the Nordic and Baltic countries. 

Riina holds an MA in Political Science from the University of Stockholm and has also studied social anthropology at Stockholm University and the Queen’s University of Belfast. 

Riina worked at the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1993-1997, including tours in the Embassies in Oslo and Stockholm. In 2002, she was briefly employed as a research assistant by the University of Stockholm. From 2003-2004 she worked in Kyiv within the framework of the „Public Administration Reform” project run by SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency). 

From 2004-2007 she worked at the Estonian Ministry of Defence, including two and a half years as an Assistant to the Permanent Undersecretary.

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